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Small Business Owners,

Are you tired of careening along by the seat of your pants?

Ready to take charge of your business and meet your goals but stuck because you don’t have the financial information you need?

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What can a good bookkeeper do for you?

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Increase Your Income

  • Spend your time running your business instead of chasing paper
  • Know when to take the next step in your business plan according to financial fact
  • Understand the seasonal flow of your business so you can plan ahead

Improve Your Decisions

  • See the financial “story” of your business so you know what decisions to make and why
  • Equip your advisors with accurate financials so you can get useful expert guidance
  • Make decisions based on data you trust instead of guesswork and hunches

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Decrease Your Work

  • Spend your evenings and weekends doing what you want instead of catching up on paperwork
  • Off-load the data entry and reconciliation you hate and always put off until the last minute
  • No more digging around for information; pull the reports you need in minutes
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Save You Money

  • Reduce errors and oversights that cost you money in late fees and fines
  • Spot problems with your money faster, before they cause you big trouble
  • Maximize your tax savings and minimize what you spend on tax preparation

Why choose Easy E-Office?

Many people working as freelance bookkeepers are basically data-entry clerks who bought a copy of QuickBooks. A large number of them think their role is to enter transactions into software for tax prep. Others don’t know how to analyze transactions correctly or reconcile accounts, so the data they enter is incorrect and useless anyway.

Hiring someone who simply organizes information for your tax preparer is NOT the best use of your bookkeeping budget. If your bookkeeping is done well, you’ll have the reports you need at tax time as a by-product of the more important work — producing managerial reports that help you run your business all year long.

Good bookkeeping looks like:

  • Useful, correct, clear reports that let you see what is happening in your business
  • Asking questions and digging into financial data to identify problems and opportunities for you
  • Honesty and accuracy backed by third-party documentation so you can be confident your money and privacy are safe
  • Partnering with you to help steer your company toward your goals

At Easy E-Office, data input is just the beginning. Our goal is to provide you with information and help that is so valuable to your business you can’t imagine what you would do without us.

Curious about what that would look like? Call Lura at 503-869-5665 today for a free consultation.

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  • Full-charge bookkeeping that produces meaningful financial reports on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis
  • Clean up services for companies that have fallen behind or have significant errors in their books
  • Payroll for small businesses
  • HIPAA-compliant behavioral health claims processing [more services]


  • Service businesses
  • Construction companies
  • Small legal firms
  • Behavioral health therapists in private practice
  • Retail
  • QuickBooks, Patriot, SimplePractice ++ [more software]


“I’ve worked with Lura for a few years and her efficient and detailed services have not only saved me time and money, but have given me a much valued peace of mind. I trust her implicitly with my personal financial information, and her attention to savings has guided me to make fact based decisions that have benefitted my whole family. I have recommended her to a number of my close friends and will continue to do so. I highly recommend her services.”

~ Sam de la Vega, Portland, OR

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